Who are you?

 I am a 10 year old francophone athlete, public speaker, performance artist and human rights activist; I advocate for marginalized kids like my sister who is deaf and disabled.

What do you do? 

I am a mentor for younger kids through the Black Lives Matter Freedom School Program, I help my teachers and anyone who wants to learn ASL, and serve an as inspiration for other young girls to stay physically, mentally and politically active and engaged in our community.   

For you, what does it mean to be a Black Canadian?

I am very privilege to live in Canada but being Black is a lot of responsibilities, I have to work harder ensure that I am a good representation for other little Black girls like me, I need to stand up for the black and disabled community when we face injustices.
 Sometimes that means learning more about how racism, patriarchy and politics and sometimes it means standing up against these systems; other times it means practicing radical self-love.

Who inspires your work?

My mom Akio Maroon, takes really good care of me and my sister by herself, she goes to school everyday, fights for human rights for abused women and girls and is a really good public speaker. 

In search of my mother’s garden,
I found my own
— Alice Walker
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The 2017 Kente Claus Imagination Award

The 2017 Aloha Toronto Award 

The 2016 & 2017 BLM Freedom School 

The 2016 & 2017 Fred Fielders Self-Expression & Public Speaking Award

The 2016 & 2017 Kiwanis Boys and Girls Athletic Leadership run club